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Bridget & Daniel

"Pause everything you are doing right now, and book Victoria. She is the single reason I was the most calm, cool and collected bride the day of our wedding—and it was the most magical night of our lives. My husband and I hired Victoria for month of, and day of wedding coordination—we were a COVID reschedule from May of 2020, with a complete venue chance in between, and needed someone to help us smooth out the rough edges in our planing, from two years of postponement. Not only were we fielding rescheduled vendors, we also have some uncomfortable familial relationships among our guests, that can make wedding planning a nightmare. I made the situation known, and told Victoria blatantly I would have no hard feelings if she chose to book another couple—she enthusiastically accepted and we were off to the races from there. The day of our wedding, we had an issue with a vendor that was late to our ceremony, and Victoria handled the situation with complete fluidity—she made sure that we did not postpone our ceremony for too long, and I did not even think twice about trusting the calls she made. She always had everything under complete control—and we were on schedule from the moment the festivities kicked off. In terms of the familial issues, I have no idea what she had to do to mitigate all the challenges presented there (and there were definitely many,) but she made sure that I did not see ANY of it as a bride. I felt, for the first time in my life, like I could relax and enjoy myself, and enjoy time with my husband at the most beautiful evening of our lives—and our wedding decisions as a bride and groom would not be challenged by outside forces. She made sure there were no negative outbursts, nothing that would detract from the wonderful night we both had—she fiercely advocated for our wishes. I went into the day of my wedding with realistic lowered expectations, knowing there would be a high chance we would experience some uncomfortable moments. There were NONE that I witnessed, and Victoria was single-handedly responsible for shielding us from it, and led to my complete lack of stress as a result. I can’t even begin to imagine, how hard she had to work to make that a reality (and I will forever be grateful for that.) I am honestly floored—It was the absolute best day of our lives. I have never felt so in the moment, so happy, so in awe of all of the positivity surrounding us (and Victoria, if I could hire you to shield us from the same scenarios in our married life, I would in a heartbeat!!!!) Can’t recommend her enough." ~ Bridget

Fabulous Vendor Team

EA Planner | Victoria 

Venue | Saltwater Farm Vineyards

Catering | Gourmet Galley

Photographer | Dan Aguirre Photography

DJ | Beat Train Productions

Florist | Sharon Elizabeth's

Hair & Make-Up | Blow Dry at the Beach

Lighting | Dawson Entertainment

Bakery | Wicked Good Cupcakes 

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